ItalCost Onshore Storage Facility

Who We Are

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ITALCOST S.r.l. is a company owned by two partners with equal shares: ITALMARE S.p.A. and ULTRAGAS C.M. S.p.A. Founded in 1980, the company deals with LPG logistics and has its legal and administrative headquarters in Rome and operating office in Naples, where the onshore storage facility is situated.

Products are supplied from European and extra-European production sites by sea on gas tankers and overland on rail tankers and tanker trucks. Products are mainly distributed by tanker trucks but also by gas tankers and rail tankers.

The storage area, with its maximum capacity of 19.500 cubic metres, is connected to mooring dock No. 68 of Darsena Petroli of Naples Harbour through two gas pipelines owned by ITALCOST S.r.l.. ITALCOST’s mission has the following aims: :

• Customer’s satisfaction;;
• Efficiency of service employing qualified personnel and cutting-edge technology;
• Refuelling continuity guaranteed thanks to the plant’s capacity and to the diversification of national and international suppliers;
• Competitive prices;
• Security/safety and eco-friendliness.

Onshore Storage Facility