Italcost Onshore Storage Facility

Onshore Storage Facility

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The Tank Farm

ITALCOST S.r.l.’s onshore storage facility has a tank farm with a geometric capacity of 19.500 cubic metres and it is one of the most important plants in Italy in terms of capacity and geographic location. The tank farm is composed of:

• Two spherical tanks with an overall geometric capacity of 10.000 cubic metres;
• Five underground tanks with an overall geometric capacity of 9.500 cubic metres.

The storage facility is constantly refuelled by sea and/or overland and is equipped with the necessary infrastructures, namely two 6” and 10” gas pipelines owned by ITALCOST and a railway siding. Mooring dock No. 68, operational at Darsena Petroli of Naples Harbour, is exclusively used for receiving LPG, with equipment for the product handling composed of:

• one rigid arm ;
• one 8” flexible hose;
• on-line odorization system.

All installations are equipped with the latest generation security systems.

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